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Welcome Henry!

Confession: Usually, for us at Dribbble HQ, it’s all about you, the Dribbble community. But for the last few weeks, it was all about Angela, wife of our developer Patrick. Every time one of us signed in to Campfire, the first thing we looked for was news of Angela. Did she have the baby? Did she? Did she? Did she?

One week ago, she did! Angela and Patrick welcomed Henry Douglas Byrne into the world. Hooray Henry! Woohoo Angela! Yippee yahoo Patrick! If we’re being honest, we’ll admit that Campfire seems a little boring now that Henry’s arrived, but mostly we’re thrilled to have Henry out and about.

We’re decorating our birth announcement photo with two recent Dribbble shots tagged “baby.” Left, Aaron Benjamin’s Peanut Onesie. Aaron and his wife ALSO had a baby a week ago. Welcome Alice! And to Henry’s right, Luc Kickken’s There’s a New Kid In Town.

Since Last Week

Lotsa launching in the last week. In addition to Henry, we launched our new blog! You’re on it. Woohoo to Dan and Tristan for leading the charge. We also launched a new feature for Pros, a formal way to link to goods for sale. Thanks to Ian for heading up the development! It’s worth noting, this small feature doesn’t mark a change in direction for Dribbble. We’re merely neatening up a process that many members were already undertaking.

Can you design the best stickers in the Universe?

The Sticker Shop Contest animation cartoon character cintiq comic contest emoji gif illustration stickers win

The Sticker Shop Contest


LINE & GIPHY are inviting you to create the best stickers in the Universe! Win $10,000 and 1 of 20 Cintiqs! . For more info & to submit entries to the challenge: Submissions close 11/3. For extensions, email: stickershop...

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We’ve partnered with LINE and Giphy for a fun sticker challenge. Click through for the details.

BOO to You

Dribbble headquarters sit smack dab in the heart of downtown Salem, Halloween capital of the universe. In Salem, Halloween kicks off at the beginning of October and the hysteria builds right up until the big night. Our broom’s in the shop or we’d fly you all here to haunt and howl along with us. Instead, immerse yourselves in your own spooky.

The nightmare before christmas christmas dark disney ghost halloween jack skellington nightmare before christmas tim burton

The nightmare before christmas

by Carlo Beranek

One of my favorite movies by Tim Burton. He is such a talented artist. I love his dark, and quirky horror. I like his movies so much, I might end up doing a series of prints. We'll see ;)

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Monster Lock: Frankenstein Monster Mouth Sketch art cartoon cartoon character cartooning character drawing frankenstein illustration monster mouth packaging sketch

Monster Lock: Frankenstein Monster Mouth Sketch

by George Coghill

Final color sketch for a packaging hang card illustration. Turned a production limitation (reduction in card length) into an asset, improving the art for this version considerably over the prior sketches.

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Coffee and Creativity blood brains halloween zombie

Coffee and Creativity

by Cade Cran

I'm celebrating Halloween this year with a series of illustrations. More to come! Check out the full illustration here!

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Free Halloween Vector Illustration dark free free halloween illustration free halloween vector game design halloween holiday illustration item skull vector vectorart

Free Halloween Vector Illustration

by pixaroma

Free Halloween Vector Illustration. Free Download:

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Tomato & Zombie Tomato design drawing icon illustration illustrator line vector

Tomato & Zombie Tomato

by Logan Faerber

Little tomato illustration from a few weeks ago. I was doing a series of icons for various fruits and vegetables and wanted to play with the idea of having a rotting zombie version of each. This is the first example of what this might look like.

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Shot Link

Zombie Containment Pixels

by Jason Gammon

Just made this lil' guy. It's my first time messing with pixel art. I tried giving it a 'Metal Slug' vibe.

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Halloween Funny Silhouettes And Creations black cartoon castle celebrate creations dark funny halloween set silhouettes skull vector

Halloween Funny Silhouettes And Creations

by Petya Hadjieva (Ivanova)

For download - Halloween vector silhouettes and creatures Vector Illustrations. Organized Layers and folders....

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tricky eaters

tricky eaters

by Jenelle Huddleston

yeah no one likes candy corn.

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Haunted House black and white drawlloween ghosts greyscale halloween haunted house illustration spooky

Haunted House

by Jacqui Lee

More from my drawlloween series.

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Campbell's Can Costumes character halloween illustration

Campbell's Can Costumes

by Christopher Lee

I collaborated with BBDO and Campbell's on these spooky Halloween DIY labels. Just download, print, cut out, and apply! Official site: Full project here:

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Inktober Scarecrow doodle halloween inktober scarecrow sketch dailies

Inktober Scarecrow

by Brett Marek

just a little doodle for sketch dailies scarecrow theme. ball point pen and white pencil

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Halloween 2014 Wallpaper custom lettering halloween hand drawn illustration jackolantern scary spooky trick or treat type wallpaper

Halloween 2014 Wallpaper

by Lindsey Kellis Meredith

A Halloween Wallpaper I illustrated and custom lettered for free download. Go to

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Spooky Sweets character halloween illustration japanese monster

Spooky Sweets

by Cat Oshiro

Can't have a halloween celebration without picking up some treats to share with your monster friends! Can he interest you in some blood punch, pickled pupils, spider web cones, tentacle pops, or maybe just some mystery boo-ze? Hurry or he'll just eat ...

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Z For Zombie 55 high fives print

Z For Zombie

by Scotty Reifsnyder

Detail from a new monster themed print w/ 55 high Fives.

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Inktober Day 13 character design halloween inktober jack o lantern pen and ink

Inktober Day 13

by Dennis Salvatier - tanoshiboy

Really getting into the Halloween mood. :) Full view is attached.

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Coaches’ Picks

Leisure Enthusiast display face script structured

Leisure Enthusiast

by Riley Cran

I've been working on an upright script display face. Not sure what the future holds for this one.

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Target Icons app design icon icons ios iphone target

Target Icons

by Louie Mantia, Jr. for Pacific Helm

This summer we had the pleasure of working with the team at Target to help create their new iPhone app which was released yesterday! Among the things we worked on was an icon suite for the app. All of the icons were designed on a small icon grid so the...

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"Riding High" car cooper drawing editorial etna illustration mini mountains texture

"Riding High"

by Karolis Strautniekas

A fragment of the illustration. An editorial for the Mini International magazine. I was asked to illustrate a story about two Sicilian mountain bikers and their road-trip from Catania to Mount Etna. Check the full project here.

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Course Hero Halloween Challenge castle challenge course hero halloween lightning night spooky

Course Hero Halloween Challenge

by Paddu Raghavan for Course Hero

Landing page design for Course Hero's Halloween challenge.

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Meetup Wrap-up

Pensacola, Florida, October 14

Many thanks to Crystal Barrineau and Kyle Schmitz for organizing the first-ever Pensacola Dribbble Meetup. They’re working on growing the community, so Pensacola keep your eyes open for more in the future.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 15

Design Philly + beer + food carts + skee ball = good times at the Philadelphia Meetup. Big fat thank yous to organizer James Olstein and to sponsors Happy Cog and Shopify.

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Kyiv, Ukraine, October 16

Dribbble Kyiv’s first meetup was a huge success. Thanks to MacPaw for hosting, and to organizer Pavlo Grozian/grozyan for organizing. From Pavlo: “A lot of nice people, tons of smiles, stories and jokes.” For more wrap-up, visit the event’s Nvite page and Dribbble Kyiv’s Facebook page.


Meetups is under construction! Please excuse the less-than-sleek design—it’s just temporary. Thanks, as always, to our Meetup co-sponsor Shopify.

Charleston, South Carolina
Wednesday, October 29, 6 p.m., eHouse Studio, 2 Race Street. Speaker: Matt Stevens, designer, illustrator, and creative tinkerer. RSVP.

Portland, Oregon
PDX Lettering Collective, Wednesday, October 29, 12:30 p.m., San Sai Japanese Grill, 539 NW 21st Street. RSVP.

Shot Link

Chicago Dribbble Meetup 2014

by Alex Sheyn for Bright Bright Great

Calling all Chicago Dribbbblers! @Bright Bright Great is hosting the next Chicago Dribbble meetup at BBG HQ on November 5th from 7-10 pm. Hang with the BBG crew and Dribbblers from around the Chicago design community. Catch up with friends, make some...

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Chicago, Illinois, November 5, Bright Bright Great

San Diego, California
Saturday, November 8, 7 p.m., The Lofts at 677 7th. RSVP.

Dribbble Meetup for West Palm Beach, Florida 561 invite meet up meetup web west palm beach

Dribbble Meetup for West Palm Beach, Florida

by Steve Shreve

First-ever Dribbble meetup for West Palm Beach, Florida. November 11th 2014. RSVP at UPDATE: Don't forget to visit and RSVP for this event. If you don't see your name or bio on the "attendee" list, then you do...

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West Palm Beach, Florida, November 11, Lynora's Osteria

Belfast, Northern Ireland
Dribbble Meetup at Break, Wednesday, November 12, 9 p.m., 21 Social, 1 Hill Street. Sponsored by Dribbble, Get Invited, and Shopify. RSVP.

Shot Link

Weebly for iPad Dribbble Playoff

by Square for Square

To celebrate the launch of our newest family member, Weebly for iPad, we’re kicking off an Official Rebound Playoff and giving away some seriously awesome prizes. Contest For this contest, we want you to creatively celebrate the launch of Weebly for i...

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San Francisco, California, November 13, Weebly

Dribbble Manchester Competition 2 dribbble dribbblemcr manchester meet up

Dribbble Manchester Competition 2

by Pixelcode

This is the second competition image for the DribbbleMCR meet-up ( To enter simply rebound this shot (you must live/work in Manchester UK to enter this competition). Details: * Design a t-shirt inspired by D...

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Manchester, UK, November 18, Spaceport

Ahmedabad, India
Saturday, November 22, 5 p.m., location information to come. RSVP.

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