Ethan Macotte

December 08, 2016

We had the privilege of having Ethan Marcotte at Sparkbox HQ for two whole days of discussion. It was great!

Wil Reynolds

December 08, 2016

The awesome Wil Reynolds came to Sparkbox and talked to people about empathy in a world of data. Read about it!

Aaron Gustafson

December 08, 2016

Aaron was recently another awesome speaker at a Sparkbox Maker Series event!

Sara chipps shot

Sara Chipps

May 18, 2016

Sara Chipps came and talked with us at Sparkbox!

Brad frost

Brad Frost

April 16, 2015

Brad Frost came and did a workshop at Sparkbox HQ. Read about the day over here at The Foundry!

Kevin Hoffman

December 19, 2014

Lil doodle of Mr. Kevin Hoffman for a foundry article.

Dan Mall

November 20, 2014

Did a lil illustration of Dan Mall for a Foundry Article recapping his visit to our office.