1. Code Daily flat branding frontend code tech logo
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    Code Daily
  2. Figma Tools graph code figma vector logo
    View Figma Tools
    Figma Tools
  3. UI Kit ui kit bolt lighting logo
    View UI Kit
    UI Kit
  4. FigHub sync branching flat branding logo icon
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  5. Unicon illustration iconic vector icon unicorn
    View Unicon
  6. Self-Portrait illustration vector
    View Self-Portrait
  7. Type Guide in Figma type type set design web typography
    View Type Guide in Figma
    Type Guide in Figma
  8. Files Empty State empty state video sound photo files
    View Files Empty State
    Files Empty State
  9. Lock security key hole icon iconic lock
    View Lock
  10. Clipboard office vector illustration iconic icon clipboard
    View Clipboard
  11. Hold Fast Font tattoo font lettering vector type free
    View Hold Fast Font
    Hold Fast Font
  12. Lobue Laser & Eye Medical Centers web design frontend color wip
    View Lobue Laser & Eye Medical Centers
    Lobue Laser & Eye Medical Centers
  13. Video Player Ui volume video ui symbol icon line play pause free freebie ai vector
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    Video Player Ui
  14. Volume Icon glyph line flat icon symbol ui video process volume
    View Volume Icon
    Volume Icon
  15. Eyecons symbol icon icons eye contacts glasses lens flat line glyph disease
    View Eyecons
  16. Camera Settings icon camera canon settings cog
    View Camera Settings
    Camera Settings
  17. Chiropractic Patient Care patient care services chiropractic x-ray handshake form leaf medical search icon iconic
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    Chiropractic Patient Care
  18. Chiropractic Icons icons chiropractic services health heal orthotics massage physical nutrition vector iconic
    View Chiropractic Icons
    Chiropractic Icons
  19. La Familia man iconic people vector illustrator girl woman boy simple simplistic
    View La Familia
    La Familia
  20. Refresh Yes No checkmark icon icons ui refresh yes ok check no stop cancel
    View Refresh Yes No
    Refresh Yes No
  21. Praying Wives vector illustration girl iconic praying church faith
    View Praying Wives
    Praying Wives
  22. Contenders Of The Faith vector illustration swords shield banner
    View Contenders Of The Faith
    Contenders Of The Faith
  23. Buildings icon iconic building church simple vector illustration
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  24. Revival Christian Fellowship Redesign web web design minimal flat website church home page icons
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    Revival Christian Fellowship Redesign
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