1. speakers card cssconf
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  2. Weather app : HTML5 html5 weather
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    Weather app : HTML5
  3. Task List card checkbox task todo
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    Task List
  4. Global Menu menu sidebar
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    Global Menu
  5. Project Detail detail project summary
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    Project Detail
  6. Frontpage dashboard list weather
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  7. Cover with auto-adjust background items list project
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    Cover with auto-adjust background
  8. Trimidea idea lamp logo
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  9. Simple UI Kit element flat ui kit
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    Simple UI Kit
  10. Navigation badge navigation tab
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  11. add add notebook task textarea
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  12. Task checkbox task todo
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  13. Vertical Menu menu tab
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    Vertical Menu
  14. Gant chart gant
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  15. Navigation app nav
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  16. Files Icon files icon
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    Files Icon
  17. blog menu blog web
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    blog menu
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