1. Juice Maze - Version 2 texture vector typography branding logotype lettering illustration design
    Juice Maze - Version 2
  2. UI Challenge #006 uichallenge challenges web ladingpage challenge ux ui design
    UI Challenge #006
  3. Pride 2020 texture procreate social media typography 2d illustration pride
    Pride 2020
  4. Study #3 illustration abstract organic brush marbling texture design
    Study #3
  5. Marbling Study #2 design texture marbling illustration digital
    Marbling Study #2
  6. Marbling Study #1 brush design illustration textura digital
    Marbling Study #1
  7. Our Sun in Earth and Fire. zine book design editorial sketch digital paint
    Our Sun in Earth and Fire.
  8. Our Sun in Earth and Fire. digital painting brush paiting editorial type design
    Our Sun in Earth and Fire.
  9. Daily UI #005 dailyui minimal branding design web challenge app icon logo ux ui
    Daily UI #005
  10. Daily UI #004 calculator challenge icon design dailyui app ux ui
    Daily UI #004
  11. Daily UI #03 | Landing Page restaurant design landing page ux ui
    Daily UI #03 | Landing Page
  12. Daily UI #02 | Credit Card Checkout checkout page bank challenge digital web app design ux ui
    Daily UI #02 | Credit Card Checkout
  13. Daily UI #01 challenge digital web app ux design ui
    Daily UI #01
  14. Smart Fridge - UI exercise internetofthings interface smart object fridge challenge app ux design ui
    Smart Fridge - UI exercise
  15. Jungle Label typography lettering
    Jungle Label
  16. Rereading the Past digital illustration photography personal project futurism poster collage
    Rereading the Past
  17. Lost in Quarantine brushes illustration
    Lost in Quarantine
  18. Nespresso Assistance exercising ux exercise ui design ui
    Nespresso Assistance
  19. Portrait #2 illustration
    Portrait #2
  20. Portraits #1 illustration
    Portraits #1
  21. Texture Exercise n.2 illustration duotone procreate texture
    Texture Exercise n.2
  22. Texture Exercise illustration design abstract texture
    Texture Exercise
  23. Ramen Special - Tajima
    Ramen Special - Tajima
  24. Essência Logo Design aesthetics beautician beauty hands logo massage
    Essência Logo Design
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