1. Designed.org is giving away a MacBook Pro!

  2. Designed.org Branding Coming Together!

  3. Designed.org Mark Exploration

  4. Rapid feedback for Events page

  5. Designed.org Identity Preview

  6. Design Mentors Identity - In Progress

  7. Exploring international location filtering

  8. (WIP) Coming soon: Design Mentors

  9. Cleaning up the call-to-action

  10. Exploring new design patterns for a CTA panel

  11. Recommedation blockquote visual style for case study

  12. Design Guide Exploration

  13. Exploring input field validation interactions

  14. We are hiring Product Designers!

  15. Why do routers stink? Part Deux

  16. Why do routers stink?

  17. Mock time, WIP for onboarding

  18. Update me

  19. Exploring new design patterns to unify our product lines

  20. Another design iteration of a network diagram

  21. Exploring network diagrams in our product UI

  22. Change has come.

  23. Notifications dropdown rebound

  24. Just horsin' around with flowbox

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