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What is Juiiicy?
Juiiicy is a private community for designers to share work inquiries. If you are a designer with more job inquiries than you have time for, or if you are a designer looking for work, Juiiicy is for you.

Why Build Juiiicy?
A lot of us designers receive each day so many job inquiries through Dribbble, Behance, and other places but we can not take on everything even though it's so tempting :) And the sad thing is that those job inquiries get lost. We end up not answering to the client, and not helping someone else to do the job. But we don't know who to turn to! we don't know who's available do to the work!

So I did the test one day to ask clients... “Hey would you like me to spread the word to the community?” And their answers were “Yes please! We would really appreciate that”

So we though right away... "what if we could create a place where the best designers could post the job offers they receive? What if we could create a place where they could spread the word to the community and help startups, companies to find the right talent? On the other side what if designers could find the best job inquiries on the market and apply to them?

What if the best designers like Josh Hemsley, Rogie, Eddie lobanovskiy, Tim Van damme could post their job offers they receive and have all of us be able to apply. No? See the idea?

How Juiiicy work?
As I mentioned above, Juiiicy will be a private community. Only invited designers will be able to post jobs and apply to them. Once the designer post a job, the client receives an email with a link to juiiicy where he can see all the activity about the job (who applied, how much the designer that got hired charged the client, and so on...). Once a client hires one of the designers that applied to his job, he will pay the invoice at Juiiicy. Then Juiiicy will split the money between the designer that got hired(80%) and the one that spread the word(10%).

When is Juiiicy be available?
Soon guys! really soon! check out the coming soon page for that :)

Go check the live version now! There's a lot of really nice animations.

Don't forget to spread the love and to not miss anything follow us to stay in touch with the project

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