Neumorphism UI Trend 2020

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Hello Everyone!

Have you already heard about the recent UI trend called “New skeuomorphism” or Neumorphism? Skeuomorphism describes how interface objects imitate/mimic their real-world counterparts in how they look or how you can interact with them. Neumorphism, in turn, is a bit more minimalistic yet juicier design approach.

For example, using shadows, you can make a “like” button look like a real (material) button that pops out of your screen, making you crave to click it. Isn’t it awesome? This trend might become a real game-changer in UI design.

As we always try to keep up with recent design trends, we tested what Neumorphism really is and even made a short tutorial for you.

Here is a link to Figma, where you may copy and use our canvas. Enjoy!

Jason Kelley and Alexander Plyuto are the fathers of Neomorphism trend. About Neumorphism here.

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