Brandon Land

Super Bowl LIV Stickers

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Sharing some process from a recent project made in partnership with the NFL. We wanted to keep the artwork team agnostic for usability and scale. Camera Stickers are a bit tricky. Usually we try to avoid using specific phrases since we have such a global audience, but given this was a US-centric event, we decided to lean in on the NFL's marketing campaign slogan with the Lombardi trophy and a simple football. It was fun to see what other teams made as well! Our AR team made some pretty cool effects that put your face in full uniform. Check them out if you get a second!

PS – Included some early sketches to show a little process. The first 2 pages shipped, the second two were unused concepts and brainstorms.

PPS – I think next year I'd like to show up for teams and have a few more options for people to express themselves. Looking forward to sharing more projects in the future!

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