Launch Screen Animations

Damn son, it's been a while.

Here's some new launch screen animations we are rolling out across our Consumer product. We have separate animations for both normal and Plus customers, as we further establish our brand identity.

The animations are simple, yet playful. We focus on the 'Roo' moving in-line with the app icon. Once reaching a full stop the ears display a subtle shake, mimicking real world physics. For normal customers we focus on our well known 'wink'. Whereas for Plus customers, our focus is on the plus wording, using small pieces of confetti to direct attention and emphasis to the distinction between both brands.

Animations were initially created in AE, then implemented using Bodymovin' and Lottie across Android and iOS. Lottie is a great tool, but be prepared for hours upon hours of bugs. It took many hours to perfect this within product. Android get's a slightly different treatment due to technical limitations.

Happy Friday Y'all đź‘‹

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