Instagram "Concept" (PSD)

*larger views attached*

Right after the new launch of Instagram on the web, I quickly did a version that I thought was a better fit strictly for myself and how I use Instagram. I find it hard to scroll through the large single inline image view that they offer online now, I much more of a scanner, so I made my version with a growing grid layout which determines the number of columns by the size of your browser. Scaled down to mobile, it will look exactly like Instagram does now on your phone (with a few tweaks I added.)

I think what they were trying to do was to keep the web just like the mobile version, which sounds great, but sometimes you simply just need a mobile experience and a web experience since they indeed are two different experiences.

Besides, Instagram photos were not meant to be viewed large...yet atleast IMO. They look best smaller and on mobile phones so I found myself never using the web and always resorting to the phone for viewing my feed.

See the rest of the comps and download the PSD at

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Posted on Mar 11, 2013
Dann Petty
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