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@Sam Saccone and I decided to get together to design and create a chrome notification plugin for Designer News. It was something that I mentioned, that I wish was a feature on Designer News. So many topics are discussed and I'd love to see the comments/replies from other users.

With this you could:
- view comments and/or replies on your post(s)
- view replies on posts that you replied to
- view karma increase on your end
- edit the type of notifications you're alerted about

We ran into a bit of a hiccup and decided that we're going to take the time out to tackle it soon. However, here's how I plan for it to look. As the plugin's popularity increases/time goes on edits for the design will be made, I'm sure. However, here it is until then.

Let me know your thoughts and if this is something that you would use. We imagined that you could edit the notifications that you'd like to receive, as well. Check out the attached for the slightly larger image.

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