So I thought I would show you guys a couple of photos of my home studio. I have recently changed it up a bit. Switched from doing my work on my Windows 7 gaming system to a Retina Macbook Pro and 27" Cinema Display.

As I work from home a lot of the time I find it's extremely important to be comfortable in your home office, as it's hard enough to live and work in the same space. So I spent some time trying to make it perfect.


Retina Macbook Pro on a Rain mStand 360
27" Apple Cinema Display
16GB iPad Mini
Intuos 5 tablet
Beats Studio Headphones

Playing Battlefield 3 in the photo
3x 25.5" Asus Monitors 5760x1200 in Eyefinity
i5 OC'd to 4.1Ghz on a water cooler.
2x Sapphire 7970 OC'd in CrossFire.
Other goodies.

And the music section... Well, too much to list

Enjoy :)

Mike Busby
Designer & Developer. Based in Toronto.

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