Lois Gordon

Product Illustrations - Thrive

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I was tasked with designing the illustration style to pair with the new Thrive brand.

This selection from the illustration set is from the onboarding screens of the product. These new illustrations are to help user's through their onboarding journey. The illustrations help narrate the onboarding process and aim to make filling in forms a little more enjoyable!

As a team, we wanted a unique element to the illustrations, something to set our brand apart.
I used the charcoal brush stroke on Illustrator to enhance the already hand-drawn look and achieve something a bit more unique.

The colour palette is taken directly from the Thrive brand, as are the shapes in the backgrounds of each scene. We use these shapes throughout the product to scatter elements of our brand across it.

This style appears throughout the entire product, most recently they are all over the Thrive Website

I also created a component library with the illustrations for the rest of the design team to easily pop them throughout the UI.

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