Website design/development for my Kickstarter project

Design/development for the OCDesk website. Our first project, an iPhone dock that mounts to Apple iMac and Thunderbolt Display stand, got successfully funded with over $100k on Kickstarter. This is a one-page promo website for the launch and pre-sale, soon I'll finish up creating the new website too which has multiple products and generally a more store-like layout.

By the way, check out the 360 scroll (you can drag around a 360 view of the dock) and other stuff, like responsiveness etc. :) The site might load quite a while though, and please don't mind the slight bugs, it's been quite a ride from bootstrapping the product development process with 2 friends to getting funded and now being in Asia for overseeing mass production. I'll make sure to fix the bugs in the new website. :)

This is also my Dribbble debut, hope you guys like it. I'm most proud of how the dock came out because product design was something I hadn't had much experience before, but also of course the video, branding and marketing were amazing to work on. Can't wait for the next product to get ready to start with a new video production again.

Thank you Mitch Shepherd for inviting me to Dribbble! It has been a long wait. :)


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