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  1. Harshil Acharya Harshil Acharya


    about 1 year ago

  2. Oskar Smith Oskar Smith

    Nice concept and execution! But will the contrast be enough to see the black checker?

    about 1 year ago

  3. Kenil Bhavsar Kenil Bhavsar

    Wow great Icon. How many tools are used..?

    about 1 year ago

  4. Webshocker Webshocker

    @Harshil Acharya @Oskar Smith @Kenil Bhavsar thanks

    @Oskar Smith I've attached the brighter version

    about 1 year ago

  5. Kenil Bhavsar Kenil Bhavsar

    @Webshocker Wow brighter version looks Awesome. I love the way you work. I wish if i could get some tips or tutorial from you. :)

    It's my dream to work with creative person like you. :)

    about 1 year ago

  6. Vlad "ssh4" Vlad "ssh4"

    @Kenil Bhavsar firs of all you need idea. And this is 99% of whole work. After this you can use pencil or PS, Inkscape or 3DMAX, Illustrator or Maya, Gimp or Blender, e.t.c.

    about 1 year ago

  7. Edu Torres Edu Torres

    @Webshocker I Think the brighter version looks better, the depth is clearer.

    Maybe....Can you talk a little about your light setup?

    about 1 year ago

  8. Steve Grenier Steve Grenier

    Beautiful icon. Shame most details get lost at the small size :(

    about 1 year ago

  9. daramghaus daramghaus


    about 1 year ago

  10. Ollin Ollin

    Nice illustration ;)

    about 1 year ago

  11. Kenil Bhavsar Kenil Bhavsar

    @Vlad "ssh4" Thanks for sharing the process of work. It's difficult to give proper result what we imagine in mind.

    And i believe Good and Creative person only born can't become. It's God gift. And I respect you from my bottom of heart.

    Amazing work.! :)

    about 1 year ago

  12. Ollin Ollin

    @Kenil Bhavsar

    > And i believe Good and Creative person only born can't become. It's God gift.

    I totally disagree. "Natural talent" is nothing, at least not in such an incredibly "constructed" area as the field of icon design. The people who are at the top of this game, as with most any human activity that was not essential for hunter-gatherers, are the people who have spent the most time studying and practicing, I guarantee it.

    I wrote a blog post about it, and how young artists can escape the daunting feeling of "they're naturally good, my art isn't, I should give up".

    By way of supporting my argument, here's what my work looked like two years ago. That took me like 4 hours.

    about 1 year ago

  13. Kenil Bhavsar Kenil Bhavsar

    @Ollin Many Thanks for encourage me. Very nice blog. It's very helpful. :)


    about 1 year ago

  14. Alex Pronsky Alex Pronsky

    just awesome!

    about 1 year ago

  15. Tobia Crivellari  Tobia Crivellari 


    about 1 year ago

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