Win A Company - Contest

That's right! If you're coming to Valio Con you can win your own company from Execute Ventures:

To be entered all you need to is two things:
- Come to Valio Con:
- Design an Email app for the Mac and submit your designs anytime before June 5th

A single winner will be chosen by judges at Valio Con and announced the last day of the conference. A development team will be waiting for you and we will build out your email app in two months. After the two months is up, it will go straight into the Mac App Store!

This is not spec work. You, along with your development team, will own the app.

The great part about partnering with Execute Ventures is you'll get your own development team and we'll be documenting the entire thing! You will be featured in the Execute Quarterly publication and also have a mini video documentary made about you and the entire app build process!

- You must post at least 3 Dribbble Rebounds to THIS dribble shot, as you design your app, of your interface in order to qualify. We want this to be a collaborative process.
- You must submit a link to your designs by June 5th to:
- You must be in attendance at Valio Con to win.
- You must be willing to commit the time necessary to build your product in two months. This does NOT mean quitting your full-time job.

The more complete your designs are, the better chance you have at winning. Think outside the box on creating the best possible email experience. We'd love to see someone try and combine twitter & Facebook messages into an email app, or think about email as a task oriented app, etc. etc.

Remember, Mac app designs only.

Have fun designing!

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