Peter Vasvari Adele Homestead

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Peter vasvari adele homestead

Logo design for a subsistence farm, Ghana.

"The project is for a farm in Ghana, run by and on behalf of an orphanage, now in the third generation. The farm will grow vegetables and possibly fruit for their own use and that of a larger orphanage in Africa. Within a year, there will be enough produce to start providing some of the surrounding countries (Togoland, Burkina Faso, Mali, etc) with vegetables and fruit. The soil is fertile, the climate good; and as soon as a well is dug, there will be adequate water, and crops will be grown, year round.

The image that I'd like to convey is one of family, best of natural fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy; planted tended and harvested by hand by the boys, girls and me n (all orphans of different generations) who work on the farm."

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