The Fish & Fire Logo

The Fish & Fire Logo

So, I made this previous fire and fish a long time ago, and it was never used. A few weeks ago I got contacted about it, they Googled "Fish & Fire Logo, and came across my design.

These guys have a hobby: they make survival bracelets from paracord. I had no idea of what they were talking about, but apparently there is a whole scene of people doing that. :) Anyway, you can see some of their cool stuff here.

They calling their creations 'The Fire & Fish Bracelets'. I am not one to give away tons of logos for free, but since the logo was going unused for such a long time, and these guys were very nice, I decided to trade the logo for one of their handcrafted bracelets. :)

I did some tiny tweaks to the logo, and added the typography, but I kept it mostly the same to the previous version. Glad this logo finally found a home!

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