PSPDFKit ReDesign


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Hey Guys,
this is the new look of a very flexible & powerful iOS PDF rendering framework.
There are still some things that need love (footer, typo) but the overall look is pretty set.

Since its a framework, I thought a subtile "blueprint" optic should be quite appropriate.

Now the navbar has no "logo" on the right, right? Heres the deal, the navbar stays sticky on top until it passes the PSPDFKit 2 typo, once it passed the PSPDFKit 2 will fad-in on the navbar in pure white looks. I think that it will look quite cool.

To implement it were using the foundation framework to cut dev time on the responsive design & the animations.

check out the full view from the attachments and pay

a visit to check out the current design.

feedback very welcome!

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