Rockatee Logo 2013 (WIP)

Rockatee Logo 2013 (WIP)

Insomnia! Gaaaah!

Here's the bigger version.

Initially, I had wanted to have a logo with just the first letter. I've had a few attempts that are still archived on my dribbble page from way back. Then I changed course and created custom lettering for my brand. However, so far, I find those iterations a little too boring, too rational and not really represent me or my work.

My aesthetic criteria are:

Make it bold
Make it simple
Make it vintage/retro
Make it friendly

In addition to representing the style I most identify with (which is Bauhaus, Neue Sachlichkeit, and Pop Art) I want it to express warmness, kindness and clarity, amongst other things. Most important of all, obviously, is that it should be memorable, but as this is a first attempt, I'll have many, many more iterations to do.

Not too happy with the colors yet. I need to find a better balance because I like bold but I also like muted, saturated colors and the latter is somewhat amiss in this iteration.

Well, it's a Work-in-progress, so comments and critique are most welcomed, as always.

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