Localist — Event Platform Redesign

Localist is a community event platform that has been working for a decade. Their product design was a hit back in the early days. However, years later, it had become a weak point of their company.

They came to Z1 looking for a fresher look and an improved user experience to help them achieve new business goals. We modernized its core product, helping retain clients and go upmarket to enterprise customers.

Localist’s new design is called Emphasis and believe us, creating it was a huge challenge. They needed a trendier and more functional look, but we had to be super careful with their 12-years-old legacy code not to break any existing features.

The design had to be flexible enough to adopt the hundreds of configurations that reflect all the client’s needs while maintaining all the functionalities their backend provided.

Keep reading on Medium if you want to know how we implemented the design!

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