This is a part of a open letter to someone who wanted to know more about my process with the new save icon project. (

I'm more than glad to share my thoughts about this project. As it was extremely challenging to solve an issue that the majority of people i interacted with didn't recognize.
I have a kid brother who is part of the 2nd generation of people growing up with computers and internet. And when confronted with the old floppy disk symbol for save, he has no recognition of it's meaning.

Motivation behind creating the new save symbol.
Current floppy disk symbology is outdated. Physical storing is outdated. (even apple is now phasing out optical drives. And they where first with scrapping the floppy disk from their product line) in 15 more years people will completely forget why the symbol for save looks like it does. Symbols should not have an expiration date.

Requirements for the new symbol.
Should fit modern day use of save. Have to fit any device and application. Should represent the action of saving not the result as save could be tied to any kind of medium. (code, sound, video, picture .. )

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