2012-311 article citation UI update

Screen shot 2012 11 18 at 20.24.17

I've been wanting to reimplement a simplified citation UI on my posts for a while, and decided to finally do *something* for at least just my articles (rather than text notes).

Here it is in the context of the datetime stamp on the post and my name and image, which I feel is a good way to punctuate the end of a blog post on its permalink page, akin to a signature on a document. This screenshot is taken from http://tantek.com/2012/316/b1/final-san-francisco-election-flyer-statistics if you want to see it / try it live.

It's rough, and the type and text sizes need a lot of work, but it's a minimal step forward that covers the two most common sets of use-cases (copy/paste sharing a link, and copy/paste linking to the blog post, with semantic HTML pre-coded for your convenience).

All degrees/levels of constructive/critical comments welcome.


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