Figma Keyboard Shortcuts Collection (Available for Print)

I'm new to Figma and am impressed by its excellence in function and usability. Figma has made great effort on keyboard shortcuts to boost up efficiency. On their desktop app (I am using Release 77, Build 7 as of 13 Nov 2019) they provides the cheatsheet of the shortcuts in tabbed panel. I have found this being a bit tedious that requires you to think of its classification before getting the shortcuts I want. On the contrary, I have spotted any completed online resources that gives an up-to-date shortcuts collection so I decided to make one one my own.

This is a cheatsheet that is screenshot directly from Figma Desktop App. There are two versions: Dark & Light and printer-friendly. As a professional product designer, you could consider print the light version out and highlight whichever shortcuts you'd like to pay special attention to.

Click here to download the high-resolution image

Posted on Nov 12, 2019

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