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Shot Factory

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Hey Dribbble!

This is both my first shot and my first project with Cinema 4D!

I've been lurking on Dribbble for years, and have always been super impressed by the 3D work posted here - so I'm very excited to finally be posting my own.

I attached the Cinema4D project file. Feel free to download and play with it.

Any feedback is very welcome :)

How I made it:
- The model was made with basic primitives and a tiny tiny bit of box modeling.
- The materials are just a basic color layer + reflectance layer. The "Hello Dribbble" sign and other lights use the luminescence channel.
- Renderer is the "physical" renderer that comes with C4D.
- Lights were global illumination, physical sky, and then a basic studio light setup (greenish area light on the left, pink area light on the right, mostly white top light).

Happiness Factory by Yulia Yu

Peter Tarka's work on

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