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OpenInvest - Institutional Dashboard

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Hello there!

I hope you remember OpenInvest - probably the only platform on the market that allows you invest in line with your values, such as pro-LGBTQ, environment care, fighting deforestation and so on. However, while previous projects of this client, on which we had an opportunity to work as Tonik, were intended for individual clients, this one is a bit different.

The dashboard that I'm presenting to you today is intended for business institutions managing many individual accounts. An important aspect was to create an easy and smooth path of advanced portfolio creation based on values ​​chosen by clients. There two options here - using predefined modules (as above) or building it by yourself. In both cases, the final screen is a view of the results generated automatically based on the selected parameters. As you have probably noticed, there is quite a lot of data and it was a real challenge! Presenting tons of information in an accessible and pleasant way displayed in tables and charts in so many different categories was an engaging design challenge.

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