Introducing Symbiote and Me

By the company that summoned Knull ( King of the Symbiotes ) brings you a ground breaking technology that helps you extract your very own symbiote codex. Did you know that if you have ever come in contact with a symbiote , you have trace DNA left behind that is known as a Codex. The side effects of this codex may include but is not limited to : fits of rage, death, anger, extreme strength, vomiting, ability to shoot webs out of your body, frustration, sadness, excitement, endless energy, cannibalistic tendencies and fatigue. Using Reed Richards codex extraction machine we will safely remove and store your codex for future studies. Don't have insurance? Not a problem, Mr. Kassidy takes on pro bono cases using a slightly more barbaric method of removal that 100% ends in loss of life.

Shout out to @elegantseagulls for hosting #Mocktober2019 , I've been on a huge Marvel comics kick and this latest event series was right in the spirit of Mocktober!

Marvel | Absolute Carnage by Donny Cates
Illustrations by Ryan Stegman

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