Year of firsts!

I present to you my first dribbble shot. For me, this is years in the makings...

By January 1, 2013, I will finally be entering the freelance world in a full time capacity, no longer on the outside looking in. Having been quietly waiting on the sidelines for far too long, my wife and I feel the timing couldn’t be any more perfect to pursue this adventure, full speed ahead.

In addition to firsts, this is my first shot even though I've been watching (since 2007 I believe when @Cameron Moll first hinted about "a secret project [turns out it was dribbble] which is something he similarly hosted on his site called "Screen Grab Confab") and waiting for the perfect time to asked to be put in the game.

In celebration of firsts, I am printing this design on 100 posters (24x40) - first come first serve. As a token of our appreciation in your support for our year of firsts, my wife, my kids, and of course myself will personally sign each one and design an additional thank you postcard for each purchase.

To view the poster :
To read about my story:

Can't wait to share more shots and hear feedback on current and upcoming designs!

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