Amon Chowdhury

Jatra, Travel UI Design

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Jatra means 'Trip' or 'Travel' in the local language. It's a concept where users can track their trip, find restaurants nearby while traveling in local places. They can easily understand different routes to reach the final destination in time. Users can share their routes with others and connect with them via google map's geolocation service. Users can also send reviews about the trip and help others to choose from.

I used Adobe XD to create the whole design. There are some more screens the client told me to not share as a portfolio but depending on the client's satisfaction it was a successful project. The client also wanted to build it top over iOS guideline but it would be a cross-platform app and would be built on top over React Native. The client provided the completed UX of this projects that made my job a lot easier. And he wanted a very simple, minimal and clean design.

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