Mobile Devices Icons

I've just been hired part time (I'll still be freelancing two days a week) at as a mobile interface designer. As I'll soon be making tons of mobile apps, and I thought celebrating with with mobile devices icons would be appropriate!

As a thanks to all the community on @dribbble, on Twitter and on the web I'm also releasing them.

You will find here some of the most popular mobile devices out there:
• Nokia Lumia 900
• Nexus 7
• Samsung Galaxy SIII
• iPhone 4/S
• iPhone 5
• iPad

They come in two sizes, small and @2x and I included the PSD with the vector source. This way you can do anything you want with them.

Feel free to play with them, remix them and use them on any personal or commercial project you like!


[Update may 2013] Get the newer version


Hope you enjoy!
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