In-Progress App UI v2

Pear note ui v2

Here's a little more progression on that Mac OS X UI I'm working on.

I've focused on the controls, using iMovie style buttons (lower right) as a starting point, then adding details and my own icons to the button controls.

A, B and C are 3 options we're kicking around. I still kinda like the dark controls, though A is also feeling good too.

I've refined the recording status bar display to an iTunes style. The app records audio while you type notes. We wanted more control given to the user for scrobbing back and forth within the recording than the current UI allows for and this seemed a great way to do that.

Again this is still pretty raw, but getting more and more polish on each round. I'm building the elements in Fireworks, with screen snapshots of the a standard window (thinking it might be cool to build those out in Fireworks too, for future projects).

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