Adobe Fresco - Fall Foliage

To coincide with the launch of Adobe Fresco, I teamed up with Adobe Creative Cloud to create this Fall Foliage illustration using the app. Adobe Fresco is so much fun to use and is super intuitive to learn. There are so many cool features that stand out to me. For one, the brush library and types of brushes available are insane! There is a huge variety of Raster, Vector, and Live painting brushes that will create a wealth of opportunity for any drawer or illustrator. These default brushes are ripe for experimenting, but if you would rather you can import your .psd brushes into the app. Another feature I really enjoy is the ability to easily nest layers together. I feel like this really improves file management when you are working with a lot of layers and different layer types. I can't wait to see all of the amazing work come out of this app!

Click here to see a timelapse video of the creation of this piece.

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Matt Carlson
Full-time freelance illustrator. (@plaidmtn)

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