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About Katipult

At Katipult, we all come to work every day because we want to solve some of the biggest problems in private capital markets industry. Most companies are not capitalizing the opportunities in the today’s capital markets because they are still using manual systems, work with ad hoc processes, and experience bottlenecks because of key person dependency. The majority of companies are still using Excel, email, paper-based processes and phone calls to manage payments, signatures, client communication, and more.

Our mission at Katipult is to automate all the tedious administrative tasks, ensure that all of the workflows are inherently compliant, and help the private capital market firms increase profitability and versatility through fully automated, integrated, centralized, and easy to use digital platform.

You deserve a solution that allows your firm to be ahead of the competition. We are here to make one for you.

Katipult Platform - Made for You

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