Hi! This my first inktober entry 1 of 31.
Going with a vintage theme mixed with Dungeons and Dragons + an Artist IG prompt. See my IG post for more info ... but....

Here's some homebrew description of the item:

01 - Ghoul (ITEM)⠀
Ghoul Drops [ 10 lozenges in a box]⠀
The following traits apply within 12-hours of consumption:⠀
• Add +2 on STR, minus -2 on INT.⠀
• You gain Dark Vision and your hunger counter resets.⠀
• The ability to eat the dead. If brain is intact, you gain some of the skills and knowledge of the consumed.⠀

WARNING: Do not consume more than 1 lozenge a day. Doing so may result in undesirable effects ... [thunder.mp3]⠀
Weight: 0.5⠀
Item Type: potion⠀
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