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Finally back after work and pending for which I walked tight time.

I leave an illustration that I ventured for the Comex Trends contest, but ended up becoming a series of illustrations in honor of the Mexican gods.

The series starts with the objective of retaking peasant roots, roots inspired and lived by older relatives, who happily go to their noble work with the enthusiasm and presence that only a god could have, the god of corn Cintéotl.

Its mask represents customs mixed between details used by jaguar warriors and a combination between cultural clashes such as gracejos and huehues with the purpose of generating a real link between deity and earthly plane, highlighting its most relevant characteristic as deity.

Cintéotl, god of corn
Mictlantecuhtli, god of the underworld
Huitzilopochtli, god of sun and war

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I hope you like it and a giant greeting: D

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