Tappsy Beta Logo // WIP


I realized it's been a long time since I posted my last shot, so here is a shot of the latest project I've been working on. My team and I aren't ready to announce what it's all about yet, but we will be, very soon.

Anyways, here is the logo, and I gotta say... I kinda hate it. I have little to no experience with logo design, and I always end up just taking 2 fonts, and throw them together. I love looking at logos, but designing them, is one of the things I'm worst at.

So if anybody is feeling bored, and want to help out either pimping this logo, or create a new one, feel more then free to do so.

I'm not exactly expecting anybody to do it, but I would be forever grateful, if somebody would help me out, and I'm sure I could be able to help back, if anybody that choses to help, needs some assistance on an upcoming project.

Anyways, I've been rambling on. Here it is, enjoy (if you can ;) )

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