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dariofigs.com 👀

I realized that my old portfolio did a poor job of showing off everything I've done and want to do so I sought to fix that with this overhaul of my portfolio

By just showing a couple of Dribbble shots and not much more I was limiting myself and forcing people to go elsewhere to see or read more.

Now I've started off by highlighting a couple of projects through "case studies" (though I use the term loosely) which better show and talk about my process and the why's of design decisions.

I didn't completely loose the Drib thumbnails however as I'd still like to showcase my visual design skills and what a e s t h e t i c I typically design in/for.

Furthermore I've added an about moi section in which I explicitly speak on my background, how I got into design, and my professional experience, what I've done and where I've done it at. Plus there's some kind words in there other people have spoken of me 💜

Hopefully this new portfolio paints a better picture but as always would love to hear any feedback you have or care to share.

Dario Figueroa
it me, a work in progress

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