Malediction - Mead Label

Pips Round 3! 🧙‍♂️

The third (and currently final) illustrated mead label I’ve completed for Pips Meadery. This one is called ‘Malediction’ (essentially meaning “a curse”), and is a liquorice variant of the previous label I posted for their other mead, ‘Imprecation’.

To get a bit more of the dark liquorice-esque aesthetic across, we opted for more desaturated purple hues to help offset the reds, and also wrapped liquorice around the framing. In terms of concept, we created a new wizard/warlock character that shares enough similarities to the first one for it to indicate that it’s not a brand new mead, but rather a variation (i.e. they could be wizards from the same clan). An elongated hood, a new staff design, as well as a cape help to set this one apart.


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Christi du Toit
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