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Travel App (UX)

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Research/Competitor Analysis
I conducted several interviews with targeted users, within Generation Y, to hear needs, goals and problems for similar apps. This stage was important to understand the current market for travel apps and to understand flows so that later I could cross the qualitative data with the quantitative ones.

I found that the 3 common needs of Gen Y users for travel apps were:
-how they presented content clearly
-the ratio of images to words
-intuitive user flow to find the desired information
I usually start the design process with paper sketches. I wasn't concerned about what technically worked or not. This allowed me to get my ideas laid out very quickly so I could get feedback before getting too attached to a particular idea or layout.

In the finished version, the app was easy to navigate and testers found that it presented the information they needed to find well. The focus on presentation by large images and function with minimal function, presented information according to the original plan.
What I learned
I learned the importance of user research and the resulting inspiration from user feedback. It showed me that I must repeatedly ask the question throughout the design process, "Am I creating an app simple enough for my users to perform the core function?"

Furthermore, an application is not solely visual nor is it solely functional. There needs to be a perfect balance of both. On the one hand, the interface must be compelling and easy to use by the use of standard icons and interactions. On the other hand, the app must provide the needs of the users within the standard attention span of the targeted users.

I focused on this concept. There is minimal functionality but less options makes the app accessible and brings an easy user flow. The large images captured the imagination of younger users to go to these locations and take similar pictures for social media. ​​​​​​​

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