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The paradox of web design is that achieving simplicity is a complex process.

Cutting through the unnecessary can seem like a bothersome task, but think of a website as a drawer full of clothes - lots of interesting and useful stuff are housed in there.

To quickly find and take the clothes you use and need most, saving you time and frustration, the drawer needs systemised sorting, efficient item placement, pleasing presentation, and easy access.

Ask your potential and existing customers for feedback, along the lines of...

- Is it clear to you what I'm selling?
- Is it quick for you to find what I'm selling?
- Is it easy for you to buy what I'm selling?

If a website isn't clear or quick or easy to use, it's time to declutter and to think about practicalities and positioning.

Read the full project case study here:

Posted on Aug 29, 2019

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