Blu Boi Muusic

Here's something I worked on back in the day. I got a backstory to this one.

So when I was still working a job, my dude Eric Lewis hit me up. We were both apart of this artist thing (the name escapes me but it was lame) I originally did something similar like this logo and he reached out to me to create something like it. During the time we were apart of that artist thing, A lot of sh*t hit the fan. Basically, he fell off the face of the earth after taking thousands of dollars for payment. (I still hate that I was apart of that but it was whatever)

After I created the logo, I've watched him turn that thing into an icon. His record label is crazy awesome. He's had countless features with his artist TKO. One of my favorites is with Rittz. But yeah he has been building an empire and I'm all here for it.

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