Prince Ink Rebound Playoff

Dribbble rebound playoff 1

We are a bit spoiled and get to create our own shirts whenever we see fit. Not every designer gets the satisfaction of having their own artwork reproduced into something tangible, let alone something wearable. So we thought it would be a good idea to offer that joy to some lucky Dribbbler.

The Contest

What can you do with 2 colors?
Create the gnarliest artwork you can, only using 2 print colors, to be printed on tee. The background should be the solid color of the shirt and your artwork should be 2 colors that will be printed on the shirt. The artwork needs to be spot color. Any shading or gradients should be achieved with halftones or similar techniques. *Print file set up here.

The Prizes

- One grand prize winner will receive two tees, one for them & one for a friend, with their artwork printed on it.

- Two runner ups will receive a Prince Ink tee from our collection.

The rebound with the highest number of likes by Friday, August 31st at 12 PM EST will receive two tees with their own artwork printed on them.

The next two rebounds with the highest number of likes by Friday, September 7th at 12 PM EST will receive a Prince Ink tee.

The Rules

- Tag your shot “Prince Ink” and rebound off of this shot.
- Voting ends on Friday, September 7th at 12 PM EST !

Looking forward to seeing the rebounds!

*UPDATE* Just to clarify... this can be any artwork 2 colors or less. It does not have to be Prince Ink related. This shirt is for you to show off yourself.

*UPDATE* After considering that you all have jobs that require most of your time, the deadline has been extended to Friday, September 7th to accommodate.

14 Rebounds

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