Wrist Watch App Concept

For some people, the wristwatch is way more than a thing that just tells time. It’s a real hobby.

True ‘watch lovers’ have impressive watch collections — ‘travel’ watches, ‘dress’ watches, watches from 80-s...Even ‘wedding’ watches can be discovered 😄

This design concept is all about how to stay on top of watch trends. Even if you’ve never bought watches in your entire life!

- To increase sales, building a plain design should be a must-have. To focus customers primarily on watches, we’ve placed all items on the white background. A pure white helps to see all the ‘tiny’ details — materials, wristlets, and displays more clearly.

- For e-commerce apps, personalization is key. For that, the app showcases items similar to ones that customers like.

- To help customers buy what they like, it was decided to arrange all watches by the material, style, and price.

Created by Ilya Sablin

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