hello dribbble...

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So where do I begin...I guess a shoutout has to go towards Shaq Daddy @shxquille for the invite to a whole new experience for me...Iv heard so much about you @dribbble . I hope i dont disappoint you ;) Im excited to be part of this univers filled with like minded creatives. cant wait to put some more work up here and grow my portfolio.

so I got this invite from a good friend of mine...so i thought, well, let me give a little simplified flat version of what my "design desk" looks like, you know, to make this first post of many, a little bit more personal to me. I also wanted to do a technique that i havent done before and thus is the beginning of many explorations in this flat 3 colour vibe that im on currently...im actually really enjoying this flat technique so far and im really keen on trying it out a bit more with different colour combinations :)

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