MetLife - Meet The 100 - Interactive Video Annual Report

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MetLife - Meet The 100 - Interactive Video Annual Report interaction design annual report video metlife after effects animation design animation interactive video wirewax

Every year MetLife, one of the largest global providers of employee benefit programs, develops an Employee Benefits Trend Study. In no small feat, they put together a benefit trends study with 100 people to define work-life balance. To unpack the results, MetLife was looking for a partner to deliver next-level video creative, in a design-led, humanistic approach. A static dossier wouldn’t do it justice. We gave life to the information. We gave voice to the people behind the numbers. Working closely with the award-winning line-up of FF Creative’s video producers and WIREWAX’s CX team, MetLife developed an interactive video that provided a two-way dialogue with viewers. Using branching technology, viewers self-select which research topics they’re interested in. Within each topic, hotspots and overlays reveal personal testimonies. Viewers can see and hear what these stats mean to real people.

Interact with the experience here: https://www.metlife.com/employee-benefit-trends/ebts-thriving-in-new-work-world-2019/the-100/

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