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Something that's been bumming me out for awhile now — really the better part of this year — is how little time I've had to be creative. With Topshelf getting way more active I've had no time to delve into new projects and unfurl my ~design chops~. I haven't posted anything on here in what feels like an eternity (though I have been keeping tabs on those whom I follow and *damn*, you guys are destroying!!!).


That all said, I've been slowly pecking away at a project over the course of the last year or so (which I've posted some updates about... see the bucket this shot is in for those) and I'm very pleased to announce that it's finally done — long overdue, but done.

While I've got fucking tons to learn about designing and developing in / for a responsive environment, I'm proud of the first site I've ever built this way and am excited about doing more.

If you're interested in seeing the site in action, it's live at

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