One More for the Road

Lwyd food farewell

A few weeks ago I said farewell to MailChimp. It was an amazing place to work, and they provided me with all sorts of wonderful opportunities - one of which being this coaster series. Taking a break from the day-to-day to design a coaster however I wanted was a challenge I always looked forward to. Then, during my last busy week in Atlanta, between packing and tying up loose ends, my boss nudged me and said "How about one more coaster?"

So, this is for a party at a food blogger conference, and I had been wanting to draw lots of foods. (Especially a lobster and a taco.) Seemed like the perfect time for such a challenge. Here it sits on my office window sill in NYC.

And this ends my coaster saga. (For now.) More of the fine Henry + Co detail can be seen here and here.

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