Spendesk: New Onboarding Flow

Last summer we've decided to revamp @Spendesk onboarding flow, this flow (also known as KYB for Know Your Business) is a mandatory step where we ask for legal and banking information. At this time it was a loooong sequence of boring forms, where user used to spent too much time and it generally ended up in the hand of a customer success manager. As it is the first touch point with our product, we needed to fix this.

After a huge UX work to rethink all the flows, an incredible work of our eng. team to bring the magic of web scrapping and a touch of kindness bring by our bot Marvin, first results are here : we onboarded more than 420 new company and time spent to fullfill the KYB drop from 45% (from 38min to 18min) 🚀.

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