Guess game | UXPin concept

Hello, guys, here is my final prototype for the @UXPin

I've started with some kind of crypto app, but realized the lack of ideas for the concept, so i decided to do something more cool and switched my initial idea with crypto app to the fully functional "Guess" game.

This game is a recreation of one of the examples from the “Game theory” book, so i hope you will enjoy this simple little game.

The rule is simple: There is a number between 0 and 100, try to guess what the number is.😃

It was really cool experience working with variables and statements inside the UXPin. I think i will create some more fun prototypes with some kind of user interactions which are rely on the user input.

Here is the game ->

Try to guess the number and let me know in the comment did u guessed it or not 😀

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